The idea took root three years ago. My husband and I wanted to take a trip to Europe with our twins before they reached an age when family travel is unappealing.  At the time, they were 12, just entering middle school.  We settled on Amsterdam and Bruges.  I pored over guidebooks and researched flats to rent.  I tortured my family by listening to Pimsleur  Dutch whenever I was in the car.  Now that I could say goedendag and dank u, I was ready.

Then I looked at airfare…I didn’t realize that you could pay for a semester of college for the cost of flying a family of four to Europe in summer.  With that fiscal reality, our summer travel plans came to a crashing halt.  But I never stopped dreaming of a memorable family trip.

Fast forward to 2013.  We are about to embark on a two week family adventure.  Nervous anticipation is building, at least for me.  Are all our travel documents in order? Are the bills all paid?  Have we packed the proper attire?  What is the proper attire?  I keep looking at the on-line reviews of our various lodgings, convinced that something awful will appear.  I compulsively map out our destinations and plan daily itineraries of sights we must visit.  The twins are unfazed by all my fretting.  They’ll probably throw some clothes in their backpacks the night before we depart.  Their biggest concern is that they won’t be able to text their friends.

Oh, and those Dutch lessons?  Well, I won’t need them after all– we are going to England and Ireland.

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5 Responses to Anticipation

  1. foxress says:

    Have a great time!

  2. denice richards says:

    have a great time! can’t wait for the pics!

    sent from my iphone, which means i can’t see what i am typing!

    • renobarb says:

      Thanks! I plan to take lots of photos and I hope to be inspired to write more about our travels. But most of all, I plan to enjoy just being there!

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