Daily Prompt: Reflections

Photo Dec 02, 12 22 20 PM

This is my response to today’s Daily Prompt: Reflections.

What does my blog say about me? Well, there’s the superficial elements revealed by the title, the content of the posts.  That I enjoy the writings of Jane Austen is implied in the name. The posts reveal that I have a family and that I strive for gentle humor  in describing them. I occasionally add random photographs. Looking deeper, the infrequent posts reveal that I have no time to write.  That I write random musings. That I think most of my daily musings aren’t worthy of sharing. That I have aspirations to be a writer, but I don’t act on them.  I know that I only carve out creative time when I am working within the structure of a class or workshop.  This applies to both my writing and my sketching. My most productive periods of creativity have come when I was challenged by an  instructor.  I am not a driven person.  I waste lots of time getting caught up in the minutiae of  daily life: work, family, chores.  I require deadlines, structure to my days.  So… in 2 weeks, I start a creative writing course at the local community college.    Perhaps my writing journey will now have a road map and a destination.  Perhaps the reflection of this mirror will not be so cloudy.


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2 Responses to Daily Prompt: Reflections

  1. foxress says:

    Yay! A class! Have fun with it!

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