Daily Prompts: Fifteen Credits

Back to School

Day the First.

They’re all so young.  The entire classroom is filled with tattoos and piercings.  Arriving late, I slide into a seat at the back of the classroom.  The instructor continues down the attendance list.  Hearing my name, I wave, weakly.

Oh, God, no.  Personal anecdotes on the first day?  The stories that rise in my conscious mind date to the previous century.  Nothing within the experience of these younglings.  I’m not certain that I speak the same language.  My story told, I glance around the room.  Slight signs of recognition.  Wait, there’s another woman closer to my age—well, younger than I but definitely older than the others.  She avoids my eyes.  Why is she here?  Is she picking up her academic career left behind when she started a family?  Or is she like me, on a journey of self-exploration?

Run to the bookstore for the required texts.  I’ve forgotten the crowds, the lines, the unexpectedly high cost of knowledge.  The cashier rings up my purchase.  $60 for a slim paperback volume. Shock registers. And so the adventure begins.


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4 Responses to Daily Prompts: Fifteen Credits

  1. denice says:

    good for you! thanks for sharing your adventure with us!!!

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