Not Poetry Again!

Poetry surrounds us everywhere, but putting it on paper is, alas, not so easy as looking at it. Vincent van Gogh

Why, oh, why does every creative writing class require me to write poetry?  I have no capacity, no talent to wax poetically.  I repeat I am Not a Poet!

Procrastination is the word of the day.  What I have accomplished:   read and sorted all my emails, read several blogs, watched a YouTube video and filled out a questionnaire.  I have consumed a pot of strong tea accompanied by three chocolate McVitties Digestive Biscuits.

What I should have accomplished: a prose poem without line breaks, a narrative poem using a metaphor, a response to an essay by Richard Hugo on writing off the subject. So here I sit, drafting a daft blog post, moving no closer to completing any of my tasks.

We have reached mid-semester in my community college writing course.  Apparently, we are abandoning prose for the remainder of the semester.  Henceforth, we will only write poetry: prose, narrative, lyrical, villanelle…how many ways will I be tortured?

I do enjoy reading poetry-occasionally.  I even own a few anthologies.  But I am not drawn to the creation of the poem.  Rhythm and meter elude me.  Words will not weave their way willingly from my pen.  Metaphor and I are not on speaking terms.  Poetic inspiration is a distant relative who only visits occasionally.  The poetry writing exercises pile up on my desk like dunning letters from creditors. I despair, I weep for thoughts deep, I … ooh-look, a sale e-mail from Crate & Barrel!

275Unfortunately, the Angel of Inspiration never returns my calls.

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8 Responses to Not Poetry Again!

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  7. shuart24 says:

    Music really helps with rhythm and meter. Find an instrumental piece with a simple melody and try to reflect it with words. I have some examples on my blog.

    • renobarb says:

      Thanks for the suggestion–I will have to give it a try. I am a novice at writing verse, so it’s a new learning journey for me. I’m actually enjoying it, once I got over my initial reluctance.

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