A Luddite’s renovation project

As the non-technical member of a software development company, I often have that thousand-yard stare when everyone else is talking about the cool new tech stuff.  I have managed to absorb some working knowledge of technology, just not enough to be left to my own devices.

Almost a year after creating this blog, I decided to play with the features offered by WordPress. Yes, I finally read the instructions. I’m still confused, but I am slowly learning. My apologies if I’ve pressed the wrong buttons, installed the wrong widgets or just generally mucked things up. I’m a visual learner, so reading technical articles doesn’t help. I require hands-on training.

My son is enrolled in his high school’s magnet school for digital technologies, so I asked him to help me figure out how to insert HTML to format a post.  After all, he designed his own blog on WordPress just last year. “Well, I used to know but I forgot,” he mumbled as he continued to play Flappy Bird on his phone. “I mean, I know, but I can’t really explain it.” If a digital native like my son can’t help me, there is no hope.  I’ll just have to muddle on, praying that I get it right.


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