BLogging 101: Dream Reader

Bogging 101 today asks us to write a post to our “dream reader”. Hmm. I don’t know that Ihave a particular type of reader in mind when I sit down to write a post. I hope that the reader will be thoughtful, considerate and have a sense of humor. Beyond that, there are no requirements. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. A perfect reader is someone who reads for pleasure, who has experienced and enjoyed a wide range of topics, genres and writers. I want to hear about that reader’s experiences; I want to learn from that reader.

One of the greatest frustrations in my community college writing workshops is a student who hasn’t read much in life. That student’s perspective and understanding of the work to be critiqued is hampered by the limited exposure to good writing. I want to receive instructive feedback when I write, feedback that tells me where I need to improve or change my writing. I believe that writers need to read everything if they are to write well and to offer constructive criticism. The writers need to be readers.

So, are you my dream reader?

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3 Responses to BLogging 101: Dream Reader

  1. amommasview says:

    Writers need to be readers… I like that a lot!

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