Brevity and I are not on speaking terms

The Daily Prompt asks: Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

Brevity? Ha, I laugh in your general direction! I have a difficult time corralling my words into short passages. Yesterday I completed an on-line assignment for one class, which was supposed to be 250 words. I came in at 341. My submission comment to the professor: “Can you just treat the extra words as a bonus tweet?” (Clearly I can’t work within the tight confines of Twitter, either.)

I admire writers who can capture their thoughts in clear concise sentences.  I’m just not one of them. I’ve tried to be more disciplined.  I took a micro fiction workshop which required me to craft a short story in 1200 words or less. At 1200 words, I was just getting warmed up! The end result was a story that ended abruptly and unsatisfactorily. Sigh.

So, dear reader, I apologize for forcing so many words on you. I just don’t know when to stop.


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5 Responses to Brevity and I are not on speaking terms

  1. Cute title to this post.

  2. Aileen Hunt says:

    Ah Barbara, I have the opposite problem. I find it impossible to write long pieces! I love writing flash (nonfiction mostly, but occasionally fiction): there’s something about trying to fit a story into a tight frame that I find irresistible. Anyway, just wanted to say well done on the blog. Hope your trip to Ireland was everything you hoped it would be.

    • renobarb says:

      Aileen, thanks for stopping by. I envy your ability to compress your stories into tight frames. I have to resort to poetry to compress my thoughts (which isn’t a bad thing, I suppose). Yes, our trip to Ireland and England was a wonderful family experience. Our teens enjoyed it so much that they are returning to England this spring on a class trip!
      Best of luck with your blog–being a writing addict is the best kind of addiction 🙂

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