Writing 201: Journey

On the menu today: Journeys, limericks, and alliteration. Rather than write a limerick  (not my favorite verse form), I’ve chosen to take Limerick as a literal prompt and combined it with the formal prompt of journey.

Copyright © 2000-2014 Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Copyright © 2000-2014 Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archive


The Sailing

Limerick docks teeming
with frantic hungry souls
shouting, shoving onto
gangways slippery from rain.

Third class ticket
clutched in her hand,
she waits her turn.
No looking back.

Ma’s rosary in her pocket,
Da’s pipe left behind.
Full steam onto Boston
across the dark


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2 Responses to Writing 201: Journey

  1. denice says:

    great poem!!!!! love the story it tells.

  2. renobarb says:

    Thanks, from one Irish to another.

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