Writing 201 Poetry : Trust

Day Three: Trust, Acrostic, Internal Rhyme

 Today’s word is trust: write a poem in which you address, reflect on, or tell a story about the feeling of trusting or being trusted by another (person, animal, object, potted plant…). Today’s form: acrostic, Today’s device: internal rhyme.

I’m struggling with today’s assignment (actually, yesterday’s assignment) and I haven’t produced anything that I’m happy with. I’ve often had this  difficulty in my writing classes. It’s hard to write on demand but that’s all part of the learning experience, right?

Writers need to write every day to hone their craft. We rely on writing prompts to jump-start inspiration. A writing prompt doesn’t always speak to us but its intent is to force us to put words on paper, to exercise our cerebral muscles. Unfortunately, sometimes the words fail to live up to our expectations. This is one of those times.

Here are my uninspired verses, one on a child’s trust in a parent and an acrostic following in the theme of children. Comments are welcome, as always. (Don’t worry about my feelings-these are merely exercises).

Mama Doesn’t Lie

There are no monsters,
you’re safe inside your house.
I’m right here beside you,
watching while you sleep.
Close your eyes and dream
of skies, of cotton candy
and cream-colored ponies.
Believe your mama when
she says
there are
no monsters in the world.


Children learn not to
heed all the rules
in their lives before
leaving to find their
destinies in the world.


With any luck, I’ll have an easier time with the next assignment (or not).



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