Writing 201:Fog

Day Five: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor

Today’s prompt: fog. Today’s word prompt can be taken in so many different directions: condensation on your car’s window. An eerie landscape (or streetscape) at dawn. Your glasses as you enter a warm room from the cold outside. The mental state of confusion, forgetfulness, or dementia. How will you introduce fog into your poem today? Today’s form: elegy
Today’s device: metaphor



We have a phenomenon here in the Sierras called pogonip, which is a freezing fog formed by ice particles floating in the air. When pogonip settles  during a cold snap, all the trees are dressed in glittering ice crystals. It’s beautiful in the sunlight.

Elegy for Father

I miss our walks,
my tiny legs stretched
never quite able to
match your strides
never quite strong enough.
You charged through
life fearlessly.
You sang the names
of plants and birds,
showed me deer tracks
and the pogonip’s
diamonds on the trees.
Then you were gone,
your song stilled,
your light dimmed.
I miss our walks.



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5 Responses to Writing 201:Fog

  1. Lori Ono says:

    I like the rhythm and imagery in this poem.

  2. Jennifer Deg says:

    I write my fog elegy about the loss of my daddy too. I love the imagery as well. Nicely done.

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