Writing 201: Fingers

Day 7 : Today’s prompt : fingers, the form: prose poem, today’s literary device: assonance. 
I like to write prose poems because I need not worry about poetic forms. Prose poetry is well-suited to free verse. Assonance is trickier, though. 
I have a fascination with hands and fingers. Long slender fingers, hands knotted by arthritis, a child’s tiny hand- I find all of these beautifully expressive. When someone “talks” with their hands, the gestures are hypnotic. I can watch hands engaged in creative activities for hours. 

Gnarled fingers grasp the knitting needles as they click and clack to the end of the row,  yarn falling from her needles like unfurling sails. Knit-purl, knit-purl, the mesmerizing rhythm tap-tap-tapping in her head. It is meditation for her, a conjuring of things to come.
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