Did I Miss Anything While I was Gone?

Photo by renjith krishnan Courtesy of Freedigitalphoto.net

Photo by renjith krishnan Courtesy of Freedigitalphoto.net


I am an absolute failure at multitasking. Well, just some parts of multitasking. I find I can only juggle so many bowling balls at one time. All this is my way of saying: I’m sorry I’ve neglected you, dear reader.

Here’s what I’ve been doing: attending university, reading, managing family schedules, maintaining the house, writing short stories and poems and working on a historical fiction piece. Here’s what I haven’t been doing: blogging. There are only so many hours in a day and at least one of those hours has to be devoted to exercise and seven others to sleeping. The remaining hours get divvied up among my various activities. Occasionally, I look at this blog and feel a twinge of guilt. But then something else demands my attention and I wander away, muttering to myself.

I’ve embarked on what I laughingly call my DIY MFA, taking creative writing classes at the university here. The fall semester is winding down and I turned in my workshop portfolio today. The semester has been productive. I left the class with several decent poems and three short stories, one of which is ready to go out into the world. I think I have another serviceable piece that I will submit with my application to a summer writing conference (after another round or two of revisions).

Now I have jumped into submission mode, researching literary journals to find the ones that may be a good match for my story (or at least the ones who will send the best rejection letters). That process will probably take up whatever spare time I have in between holiday preparations. Then after the holidays, it’s back to school, this time for a poetry workshop.

I absolutely love going to school (I was always a bit of a nerd). The air on campus crackles with inspiration and energy. I thrive on the interactions with students and faculty. I find I write more when I am taking classes. I will have to see if I can manage to get one more ball up in the air.


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