Challenged to make the most of my (unstructured) summer

Tools of the trade

The semester is over, my poetry workshop has concluded. Last week, I edited my final portfolio and emailed it to my professor and now I await his comments. I’ve spent the past five months immersed in poetry, wrangling thoughts into coherent blocks of verse, then wrestling words onto the page.

It’s been a productive semester: I’ve finished four reasonable poems that may evolve into good poems after revision. One poem will probably never leave the dark recesses of my desk drawer because no amount of revision will make it interesting to anyone but me. But the others have promise, so I will set them aside for now and return later when I’ve had time to mull them over.

T. S. Eliot wrote April is the cruelest month, but my April proved to be quite kind. As the semester wound down, I submitted two of my workshop poems, along with two earlier poems, to the university’s creative writing competition. Much to my amazement and delight, I received the spring poetry prize for my work. Even more exciting, Route 7 Review, the literary journal of Dixie State University, published  Milk Money and Velvet in its latest issue. These are moments to remember when the next wave of rejection emails hits my in-box.

I need to carve out time to write and read more now that school has ended. Without the structure of classes, I tend to procrastinate and dither, so I am attempting to arrange my time into an orderly scheduled existence. I’ll let you know how that works out–but first, I think I’ll take a nap in the hammock.

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